Vanguard High School, founded in 1993, is a community of learners committed to cultivating the resources necessary to become literate, articulate, analytical, reflective and empathetic citizens. Respect for self and others is the motivating force toward achieving our goal of becoming socially productive, useful and responsible members of society. read more


student-to-teacher ratio 

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Activities, Sports, and Arts

AP Calculus AB, AP Computer Science, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Human Geography, AP Physics, AP US History

Big Sisters/Little Sisters, Chess Club, Film Club, Fit & Fly at New York Sports Club, Girls Who Code, Glee Club, International Day, Leadership and PE Programs at Vanderbilt YMCA, Lincoln Center Theater, Mouse Squad, Rainbow Vibe Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA), StepUp Girls Mentoring, Talent Show, Tutors and Counseling at Liberty Partnership-Hunter College, Upward Bound, Vanguard Movement Dance Company, Vanguard Student Government, Yearbook, Young Men’s Group, and other clubs students create!

Boys: Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball
Girls: Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball

Mixed Media, Visual Art, Digital Photography, Illustration, Ceramics, Filmmaking / Video, Cartooning, Printmaking, Art History, Fashion and Textile Design, and more


The Rigorous Instruction rating looks at how well curriculum and instruction are designed to engage students, foster critical thinking skills, and are aligned to the Common Core.  

The Collaborative Teachers rating looks at how well teachers participate in opportunities to develop, grow, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the school community.

The Trust rating looks at whether relationships between school leaders, teachers, students, and families are based on trust and respect.

The Supportive Environment rating looks at how well the school establishes a culture where students feel safe, challenged to grow, and supported to meet high expectations.

School Survey Results

97% of teachers say that they had opportunities to work productively with colleagues at their school on professional development
94% of teachers say that teachers feel responsible that all students learn
91% of students feel safe
86% of students say that adults at their school inform them about the college application process
97% of teachers say that they trust the principal

91% of families say that school staff work hard to build trusting relationships with families like them

92% of students say that their teachers treat them with respect

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Transcript Request

If you are a current or former Vanguard student, please fill out this request form online. Make sure to indicate how soon you need the transcript and where you need it sent. We can send transcripts by email, fax, or postal mail. We regret that we are unable to send hard copies of transcripts by express mail at this time.

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