DEADLINE Friday 5/20 for PAID INTERNSHIP 16 and OLDER!!! Futures and Options/Young Women in the Workplace Internship Program Opportunity

I wanted to reach out and share a brand new Futures and Options internship opportunity! We are launching a brand new internship program called “Young Women in the Workplace”, which focuses on the workplace challenges that are specific to women.

The program will consist of workshops and internships through which young women will gain valuable knowledge to help them achieve success in school and in their future careers. The internships will all be paid and will be at organizations that strive to empower women. The workshops cover topics that affect women in the workforce, such as “Combatting ‘Bossy’: Becoming a Female Leader” and “Financial Literacy and Equal Pay.”

The application can be found at and the deadline is Friday, May 20th! Applicants must select the tab “Young Women in the Workplace” on the application. If you could please share this information and the attached flyer with any girls (16 years and older) you think would be interested we’d really appreciate it.

We hope to work with some of your students this summer!