Mouse Squad (Tues)

What is Mouse Squad?

This club is geared toward helping students to learn, lead and create with technology.

The Mouse Squad program empowers youth to become the technology and digital media experts in their schools and communities. AtMouse, young people don’t just play, use, and consume technology; they take essential first steps as fixers, designers, and makers, learning to experiment, build from failure, and iterate ideas.

This program will lead to a Mouse Squad Certification, students are members of student-led expert teams that support technology in their community through a school “Helpdesk.” Activities will range from looking inside the computer to robotics and coding.

Check out this video:


How do I apply?

Go to and look for the link to “Join the Mouse Squad!” in student news. There you will find more information about the program and an application form. You must log into your vhsnyc email account to fill out the application.

When does it meet?

The club will meet on Tuesdays from 2:45 – 4:15PM. We will also meet on some Saturdays and during lunch at certain times during the school year.