Radio Rootz
Radio Rootz started in one New York city public school in Harlem back in 2000. Teaching 6th-8th graders at Crossroads Middle School the art of radio production, Rootz reporters were in demand.
Rootz youth have created compelling and award-winning radio which has not only been aired on radio stations nationwide but has also been used by community based groups to educate on issues of critical importance to the community. Our work is not just about having a voice, it’s about young people actively working to better ourselves and our communities … and our mic is our weapon!

Hunter College Liberty Partnership Program
The Hunter College Liberty Partnership Program (LPP) has worked in the drop-out prevention field since 1988 and is celebrating its ninth year of partnership with Vanguard High School. LPP is on-site at Vanguard during the school day five days a week and provides comprehensive drop-out prevention services to students. Our goal is to support students through their high school experience in order to help them reach their goals and prepare them for college. We offer all of our services to all students at Vanguard; we encourage students to seek us out to receive extra support! Please click the link above to learn more about who we are and what we do!

We offer:

  • Counseling – Individual and group counseling is offered to students who wish to discuss any concern or issue affecting them.
  • College Exploration/Preparation – Classes, workshops and meetings are offered to work with students on exploring college options and preparing college and financial aid applications.
  • SAT Preparation – Classes and seminars are offered to students to assist them in registering for the SAT and in preparing them for the material they need to master to be successful in taking the SAT.
  • Career Development – Workshops and meetings are offered to help students explore career interests, prepare resumes, perform mock interviews and secure summer jobs and internships.
  • Mentoring and After-School Program – Current Hunter College undergraduates and graduates are available to work individually or in groups with students to serve as a mentor and role model. After-school programming provides not only academic support but also fun cultural and educational trips!
  • Summer Program – Each summer we offer a Summer Institute that is based out of Hunter College for a few weeks. Students take fun trips, tour colleges, receive SAT prep and college prep and make new friends.
  • Academic Support – Individual and small group tutoring is available for students to receive additional academic support to help students achieve their goals.

We are located in room 403B. Please stop by and say hello!