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Lessons 1-16
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The Past

Lesson 1: Overview of Vanguard Autobiography

Lesson 2: Map of My World

Lesson 3: Writing off of the Map

Lesson 4: Where I’m From

Lesson 5: My Name

Lesson 6: Personal Timeline

Lesson 7: Writing Off the Timeline

Lesson 8: Symbolic Portrait of a Significant Person

Lesson 9: Writing off of the Portrait

Lesson 10: When I was Little…

Lesson 11: My First…

Lesson 12: Querencia: My Personal Oasis

Lesson 13: Family and Friends

Lesson 14: Role Model

Lesson 15: Personal Anecdotes

The Present and Future

Lesson 1: Review of Vanguard Autobiography – Overview of “The Present” Curriculum

Lesson 2: Mirror Image

Lesson 3: Getting to Know Me

Lesson 4: Self Portrait (Writing Off of “Getting to Know…”)

Lesson 5: I used to…but now…

Lesson 6: My Education

Lesson 7: Personality

Lesson 8: A Typical Day

Lesson 9: The Greatest Influence in My Life

Lesson 10: Things I am Passionate About

Lesson 11: My Parents’ Hopes and Dreams for Me

Lesson 12: Envisioning the Future (Part 1)

Lesson 13: Envisioning the Future (Part 2 – Writing)

Lesson 14: Letter to Future Selves

Lesson 15: Labyrinth: Reflecting on Me

Lesson 16: Self Editing

Lesson 17: Peer Editing

Lesson 18: Wrap-up and Ways to Present