Prospective Educators



We do not have any vacancies at this time.


Expectations of Vanguard Staff Members:

  • Actively collaborate with team to plan and implement curriculum decisions; otherwise collaborating with staff.
  • Implement written, oral, and visual Performance Based Assessments and project-based curriculum.
  • Serve as an Advisor, foster positive and supportive relationships with students.
  • Regularly communicate with parents and students around issues concerning students’ academic development and emotional well-being.
  • Coordinate extracurricular clubs, after-school study groups, and other professional and administrative responsibilities; including participating in weekly after-school meetings, school retreats and tutoring.
  • Implement active learning techniques and support all students, including special education and English language learners, in heterogeneous classrooms.
  • Content and pedagogical knowledge of subject area.
  • Possess effective communication skills including ability to express ideas, share information and to reflect on teaching practices.
  • Attend and facilitate professional development opportunities both in-house and within the larger educational community.
  • Implement lessons with a block schedule format.
  • Familiarity and/or experience in implementing standards-based grading.

About Vanguard HS
We are a supportive and collaborative community committed to our students’ achievement during and after high school. Research indicates that schools citywide have had trouble meeting the needs of their urban students.  The population of Vanguard High School is primarily African-American, African Caribbean and Latino, with an emerging Asian population. The demographic also consists of students who come from low-income, working and middle class communities.  To ensure that our staff is diverse to support the mentoring needs of our student body, hiring prospective teachers who reflect the Vanguard student population’s diversity is of high priority.